Had what I had been craving the whole time for dinner on my last night. Fromage crepe. Cheese crepe. Absolutely delectable. I also had been craving tarimisu since I’ve been here. No success on that one but I did get tarimisu gelato. It did the job. We all hung out and took it easy our last night in. Some girls got pizza from a place that I had eaten at 3 times since we had been there.

It is sad to say but I did throw away foment vino and cheese. I couldn’t handle it all. Most of the people on the trip don’t have a taste for cheese and wine. Lucky me bc I got ALL of theirs. Most people lost weight on the trip. Pretty sure I couldn’t walk a bough to keep all the cheese & wine off. Well see if my bridesmaid dress fits tomorrow. Cross your fingers!

I think there’s only a few things that I would have done/done differently if I could have:
1) gone back to the Eiffel tower & have a picnic
2) stayed longer at Versailles… Aka not wait till the last day
3) gone to the history of Paris museum (general museum but I ward it was good).
4)not packed as much
5) not bring my straightener (it blew up)
6) ventured more outside of Paris (gone to england/Germany perhaps)
7) brought my family & keith.

Not too bad at all of a list.


Lots of catching up to do

Sorry for the lack of updates. I figured I would try to entertain you in the meantime with beautiful images.
Went to Versailles yesterday absolutely gorgeous (as you can see). Unfortunately, we didn’t get to stay and see everything. We definitely could have spent the whole day out there but we were running out of time. I really wanted to see where Marie Antoinette spent most of her time. The cottage-aka mini palace on site. I wonder what they did in their leisurely time out there. Have picnics? Row in the lake? Plant beautiful gardens? Drink plenty of wine & eat imported chocolates all day? Bon bons?

Also ventured around and went to my artist “husband”. The man who sold me 2 paintings (yes I got a good price for the second one), “fell in love with me”. Don’t worry keith, he’s about three times my age. And I told him one of the paintings was for my boyfriend & I.

We went to another authentic 3 course meal the other day in a very local place. Pretty sure we were the only Americans. I absolutely loved the food! I got an amazing tomato soup (nothing like Campbell’s), salmon, sweet cream & raspberries, and of course some espresso & vino. I invested in a porcelain tea/coffee set. I debated a long time if I should get espresso or coffee cups. I possibly should have gotten both.

Also went to the catacombs two mornings ago. We got there early & met a guy from Scotland and a great couple from California. Too bad I didn’t have my business card on me in Paris. Seemed like a pretty good connection.

Also visited the pantheon with amy one day. I didn’t go to the very top and walk around but I’m pretty sure I’ll never forget the landscape across Paris from all the the other tall buildings we went up. Donehoo took us to a couple of “ghetto” areas & even those have beautiful architecture and neat culture surrounding it. All the churches in Paris were absolutely gorgeous. If you ever go to Paris, make sure you stop in every single church you can. We were amazed a countless number of times of all the beautiful stains glass & architecture in them. The organs in all of them were also very massively impressive. I wonder what people will think of their architecture and culture 200 years from now.

One of my favorite places to visit while here was the opera house. One of my biggest regrets is not attending a ballet (or even opera) while in Paris. We did try… Advice: buy tickets before you go.

Went out with 8 others two nights ago to a place heather had been looking for since we had gotten to Paris. The long hop. There’s nothing like bonding with new friends over a few drinks! Bringing my mio was a very good investment. Maggie even went out with us! So proud of that kid!

Favorite exhibition.

TIM BURTON was by far my favorite. We spent almost two hours in there and it was fairly small. It was the most thorough concerning art, his history, projects, doodles, etc. the only thing I wish it would have included was his explanation of how he developed his style. Which, btw, he had since he was about in 8th grade. I loved seeing a display of about 100 napkin doodles sketches from around the world. I saw Paris, Caesars palace, etc. it showed the red dress in the upcoming dark shadows movie w Johnny depp. I didn’t realize that James and the giant peach, big fish, and Martians attach were some of his many creations. I got a really neat gift from there and I can’t wait to give it to them. Again, was not permitted to take photos. So so sad. While we were there, we also ventured to the French cinema museum. Saw my first Oscar in person, saw some really neat vintage movie posters, and some dresses and jewelry worn by French actresses.

Also went back to the ghetto flea market that mom would have loved. I used my bargaining skills. mom would be proud.

Went to an amazing Asian restaurant last night and got a version of wok shrimp & fried rice.

Note if you ever go to Paris, don’t have fake nails.

We also went on a boat ride around the seine river last night. Absolutely gorgeous. Got to see the Eiffel tower light up once again. I only wish it was a bit warmer and that the boat departed a half hour earlier before the sun sat.

All these events took place yesterday.

He cut off his ear

Visited where van gogh spent his last years of his life. In case you didn’t know, he was crazy & cut off his ear. Evidently Paris did this to him so he moved about an hour outside of Paris. He was very close to his brother, Theodore. Vincent fell into depression, shot himself, and died two days later. He created some wonderful pieces of works depicting the town he was in. We got to see them in person. Very neat. Also got to see the brothers’ graves and donehoo kidnapped the pink flower from the grave. Got to see inside the church of the famous painting. It uniquely displayed contemporary art. The apartment where he lived was never rented out after him. Because it was superstitious bc he committed suicide. Not bc he was famous yet. The furniture was burned though.

Before we left this morning, we ventured to the closest bakery and I discovered heaven in a cheese quiche & filled beignets. And I thought cafe du monte was good. If mom & dad come visit Friday, they can try one!!! Bribery…

After van gogh, we visited the place Monet lived and where he got inspiration for his famous water Lilly paintings (saw yesterday but was not allowed to take pictures). Unlike van gogh, Monet lived very wealthy & was inspired by his beautiful backyard & Japanese art. not a big fan of oriental art but I can see how he included it into his work. Heather & I were fascinated with the roosters on site.

The bus drive was beautiful! The yellow flowers across the countryside are used to make canola oil and used to be called rape flowers… They finally changed the name.

Also had a delicious 3 course meal. I was told that I was very cultured today. I’ll try anything as long as it doesn’t have feet (Fredrick, this is more practical than “walks on land”. Crawfish do not have feet!!). Some of the art amigos dont try anything new and hate cheese & wine. Whats more french than that? Again, had French wine. Yummy. Dad, see if you can find it! (picture attached).

Also snored on the bus ride again. Oopsie. At least I’m entertaining!

Went and bought some more paintings today. Met the artist of my favorite painting. I’ll try and attach a picture of it. Well see if I can get everything back in my suitcases!!!